With our panda, help is joyful!





Welcome, we are the Pandachild team and we help because we want to.

We support all children with any disability in the Panda Gym leisure center, individual circles are offered for all these children. We support children with autism and various developmental disabilities. We are where children are not easy. We cooperate with the MOTOL Hospital, we regularly organize events for children.

We are building a unique leisure center for all children 

We connect the worlds of exceptional children, both healthy and sick. We are preparing a program with grandfather and grandmother under one roof. Panda Gym offers many clubs and activities for children from 6 months to 15 years. It will be exceptional in that it will offer special clubs and activities for children with any disability, children with cancer, children after demanding treatment and children with autism and other disabilities. Panda Gym has an open door for all children. At regular EVERYONE TOGETHER events, healthy and sick children will meet together with seniors. Let's connect and support together Those who need it most ❤️

Online concert for hospitalized children ❤️ 

In cooperation with the Magenta Experience Center, we organized an online concert for children who are hospitalized in hospitals. During the performance, the children joined in and sang along with the singer.

We will regularly organize these concerts and other activities for children in hospitals, and we have prepared gifts from our partners for each child who participates. ❤️

Concert at Louny Children's Psychiatric Hospital

We decided to organize a concert with Eva Matějovská and her band for the children who are separated from their families for some time and are not having an easy time, and to make their stay in the hospital at least a little more pleasant. 

Concert for children in the crisis center together with the Alzheimer's Center 

We support small and large fighters in hospitals and families 

Our goal is to bring joy to children who need it most. We cooperate with the University Hospital in Motol. We fulfill the wishes of seriously ill children and at the same time we prepare events for them directly in hospitals (celebrations, birthdays, surprises and special programs). We take panda wishes and gifts to other hospitals as well.

Online concert for hospitalized children ❤️ 

In cooperation with the Magenta Experience Center, we organized an online concert for children who are hospitalized in hospitals. The children joined during the performance and sang together with the singer.

The most beautiful thing is to make those who need it the most happy! ❤️