Terms of donation

Terms of donation

Conditions for providing financial donations to Pandachild, a foundation fund

If you decide to support the activities of Pandachild, endowment fund, ID number: 09674276 (hereinafter "Pandachild") by sending a certain amount of money to the bank account Pandachild No. 123-2878080247 / 0100, sending the amount of money to the account, you accept the following donations. conditions.

The amount of money sent to the said bank account of Pandachild is provided for the purpose of realizing the purpose for which Pandachild was established (for the purposes of supporting its activities), and is a gift within the meaning of § 2055 et seq. Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the "Gift"). Thus, as a donor, you hereby transfer the Subject of the Gift to Pandachild (into its sole possession) free of charge, and Pandachild accepts the subject of the Gift into its sole ownership.

If you do not enter into a special written gift agreement with Pandachild prior to the provision of the Gift, sending the Gift to Pandachild's account will result in a gift agreement between you and Pandachild, the content of which is determined by these donation conditions.

By submitting a Gift, you acknowledge that you are the sole owner of the Gift item and that the Gift item was acquired from honest sources.

The Gift provided by you will be used by Pandachild in accordance with its statute, decisions of its bodies and legal regulations, ie for achieving the purpose for which Pandachild was established. This is especially the activity aimed at supporting the physical and mental development and sports activities of children, physiotherapy and sports activities for children, but also the support of persons and institutions engaged in educational, publishing or therapeutic activities in these areas, which can lead to improved awareness of both on the issue of children's movement, as well as on autism spectrum disorders, oncological diseases or disabilities.

Pandachild is entitled to reject the provided Gift and withdraw from the gift contract, even without giving a reason. In such a case, Pandachild will return the Gift provided to the bank account from which the Gift was provided, or in another suitable manner, without undue delay after withdrawing from the gift contract.

Pandachild confirms that the Gift meets the conditions of the provisions of § 15 par. 1 and § 20 par. 8 of Act No. 586/1992 Coll., On income taxes, as amended, which is a gratuitous performance provided to a legal entity with its registered office in the territory Of the Czech Republic, for social, physical education, sports, culture and educational purposes. You can deduct the value of the Gift from the income tax base under the conditions set out in the said Act. If you have not concluded a written donation agreement with Pandachild and you need a written confirmation of donation for this purpose, contact us at pomahame@pandachild.cz

Upon your request, Pandachild will state and document facts proving that the Gift provided by you was used for the purpose stated in these donation conditions.

These donation conditions are effective from 1.12.2020.